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Lady Dockers Zebra mascot

Norah Docker, Lady Docker (born Norah Royce Turner, 1905–1983) was an English socialite. A dance hostess at a club in her youth, she married three times, on each occasion to an executive of a business that sold luxury goods. Her third marriage, to Sir Bernard Docker, chairman of Birmingham Small Arms and its subsidiary, Daimler Motor Company, was notable for the couple's excessive behaviour. This was often funded by tax writeoffs and company expenditure that could not be legitimately defended, which led to Sir Bernard's removal from BSA's board of directors. She was also banned from the French Riviera by Prince Rainier after an incident in which she tore up a Monacan flag.


Docker Daimlers

Sir Bernard Docker commissioned a series of Daimlers built to Lady Docker's specifications for the show circuit.

Golden Zebra
for the Paris Show 1955
1951 – The Gold Car (a.k.a. Golden Daimler

The Gold Car was a touring limousine on the Thirty-Six Straight-Eight chassis] The car was covered with 7,000 tiny gold stars, and all plating that would normally have been chrome was gold. This car was taken to Paris, the United States and Australia

1952 – Blue Clover

Also on the Thirty-Six Straight-Eight chassis, Blue Clover was a two-door sportsman's coupé

1953 – Silver Flash

3-litre Regency chassis

1954 – Star Dust

based on the DK400 chassis

1955 – Golden Zebra

The Golden Zebra was a two-door coupé based on the DK400 chassis. Like the Gold Car, the Golden Zebra had all its metal trim pieces plated gold instead of chrome, beyond that, it had an ivory dashboard and zebra-skin upholstery. Explaining the zebra skin upholstery, Lady Docker said: "Because mink is too hot to sit on

Source: Wikipdia


Lady Docker’s Golden Chariot

English milady designed $50,000 car to help cheer up the toiling masses.

BIRMINGHAM Small Arms Co., the owner of the famous Daimler auto works, has among its assets what might be called the world’s most second-hand car. This ivory and gold confection, the only one of its kind, was dreamed up by Britain’s Lady Nora Docker, built to her specifications and forever stamped with her personality. Whoever drives it now will hear people saying, “Look who’s driving Nora’s car!”

How did she lose it ? Not long ago her husband, Sir Bernard Docker, ran into one of those Big Business dramas: the directors of Birmingham Small Arms tossed him out as their chairman and back went the Daimler to BSA. Undaunted, Lady Nora ordered a Bentley Continental, also a plush job.

As for the Daimler’s detail has an aluminum alloy body and all metal work is gold-plated. The 6-cylinder engine has 167 hp. Roof panel and windshield are of heat-reflecting glass, upholstery is natural zebra hide, carpeting is unnatural nylon fur. Indirect lighting enhances the impression that you’re in a naughty French comedy. All in all, about the lushest piece of transportation since Cleopatra’s Barge—or until Lady Nora designs herself another car plated with platinum